Importance of the Census of Agriculture

The implementation of 2023 Census of Agriculture is required to ensure the continuity in collecting structural data in agricultural domain, provide encompassing, internationally comparable review of the structural characteristics of the national economy, for the purpose of creating a sustainable agrarian policy and for updating frame for conducting regular statistical surveys compliant with international standards, that along with the Census provide the backbone for the statistics of agriculture.     

Is my participation compulsory?

Yes, the participation is compulsory, and the Census will be conducted pursuant to the to the Law on 2023 Census of Agriculture (Official gazette RS, no. 76/21). LINK NA ZAKON Any refusal to respond or providing incorrect data entails misdemeanour liability and penalty.


Who will be able to use my data?

Individual and other data compiled through the 2023 Census of Agriculture are official statistical data and therefore they shall be regarded as secret and made subject to special protection, which shall be ensured in all stages of the Census implementation.   

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia shall exclusively use the Census results data and publish them as aggregate only. All direct participants implementing the Census shall act in compliance with to the Law on 2023 Census of Agriculture (Official gazette RS, no. 76/21) and to keep the data compiled in the course of enumeration as trade secret. Any misuse of official statistical data entails misdemeanour liability pursuant to the Law.

What benefit will I get from this Census?

The accuracy of replies received during 2023 Census of Agriculture will contribute to acquiring knowledge about the real status of Serbian agriculture: what we have and what we need. This is a prerequisite to allow any household to better anticipate its agricultural production, to apply with the national and European agricultural extension services, and to acquire true knowledge in what agricultural domain to invest.   

How to take part in 2023 Census of Agriculture?

The households of legal entities and unincorporated enterprises will be able to fill in the web Questionnaire in the period from 1 June 2023. Our authorized and trained enumerator, provided with properly posted ID card, will visit family holdings in the period from 1 October to 15 December 2023. Based on your replies, the enumerator will fill in the Questionnaire (link) entering the data about your holding. In case some question is not clear enough, please ask your enumerator to provide extra explanations for you.  

Each question shall be answered by your reply accurate and precise as much as possible, since the success of the Census depends on you.

Your data will be protected – they will be used only as aggregate with the data on other holdings, and any misuse entails misdemeanour liability.

Can I be engaged in the Census as an enumerator?

Every resident of the Republic of Serbia 18 and over, with at least a secondary education can work in the Census of Agriculture as an enumerator.

The public announcement for registration of candidates for enumerators will be published on August 15, 2023. Registration is exclusively electronic and will be available on the websites: www.popispoljoprivrede.stat.gov.rs and  www.stat.gov.rs

The detailed procedure for the selection of enumerators will be published soon.

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